Baby Quasar Photo Rejuvenation Light Therapy DeviceKeeping one's face glowing, smooth and youthful complexion at all times is very important for most people. Say goodbye to botox, microdermabrasion, injectable fillers, Fraxel lasers and thanks to "Baby Quasar" Rejuvenation Light Therapy Facial Laser - the highly coveted newest addition to home laser skin care treatments.

Baby Quasar is a portable, at-home device that uses the same wavelengths and frequencies as a professional photo rejuvenation model but is designed especially for the individual who wants to do his/her own treatment. The Baby Quasar is the perfect solution for someone trying to achieve a more youthful look without having to spend both time and money on a Skincare Therapist. This Light Therapy treatment is gentle, painless, safe, non-invasive and non-abrasive and most patients find it relaxing and easy. The benefit of the Baby Quasar for maintenance treatments and home use is the size in diameter of the healing LED head. Its small size helps to easily treat and concentrate on the areas you are most concerned with.

An effective treatment for visible signs of aging (wrinkles and lack of firmness), acne, discoloration, inflammation and other skin problems on the face and body. With over 90% of light-therapy (photo-rejuvenation) and clients receiving instant results, this safe and pain free treatment is a truly remarkable answer to some of life's most common skin care problems. Used by aestheticians, cosmetologists, spas and salons to fix the effects of sun damage, age spots, acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis, this miniature version of professional models is easy to use, pain-free and without negative side effects.

The Baby Quasar offers the following benefits and more to give you a more youthful and radiant skin:
  • firm facial skin
  • treat age spots, rosacea, acne and wrinkles
  • smooth out fine lines via sun damage
  • stimulate cellular activity
  • shrink pore size
  • restore elasticity
  • increase circulation
Baby Quasar is a great product, one of the most popular skincare light therapy device, and made of the highest quality and it retails for US$449.

Baby Quasar Photo Rejuvenation Light Therapy DeviceBaby Quasar Photo Rejuvenation Light Therapy Device

Corvette Centennial Concept  Revealed at Chicago Auto Show  2009General Motors has decided to discover your Corvette Stingray Concept for the Salon of Chicago. This sport was filtered in September last year under the name "Corvette Centennial" and has been designed with no other intention to develop a conceptual design study purely from the shape of the Stingray 1959. This was filtered sports in September last year under the name "Corvette Centennial", and has been designed with no other intention to develop a study of purely conceptual design of the forms from the 1959 Stingray. Although perhaps the correct word would be promotional, as well as a prototype display is also the disguised form of "Sideswipe" in the film Transformers 2. Although perhaps the correct word would be promotional, as well as exhibition of a prototype, it is also the veiled form of "Sideswipe" in the film Transformers 2.

Corvette Centennial Concept  Revealed at Chicago Auto Show  2009Corvette Centennial Concept  Revealed at Chicago Auto Show  2009Corvette Centennial Concept  Revealed at Chicago Auto Show  2009Corvette Centennial Concept  Revealed at Chicago Auto Show  2009Corvette Centennial Concept  Revealed at Chicago Auto Show  2009Corvette Centennial Concept  Revealed at Chicago Auto Show  2009
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Lamborghini Gallardo Stilettos Designed by Modo Illustrator Tim CooperThis pair of carbon-fiber Lamborghini stilettos, designed by Modo illustrator Tim Cooper as a potential product from Tonino Lamborghini is quite unique and unconventional. Inspired by locomotive design, Tonino Lamborghni has also been into smoking accessories, bluetooth earpieces, perfumes and coffee makers.

The Lamborghini Gallardo Stilettos is based on the design of the defunct Gallardo Superleggera, these pumps are pretty well thought-out, right down to the carbon fiber stilettos holding up the back. This is definitely great to cheer up the girl who someday wants to own her very own Gallardo

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2010 Olympic Torch with flame
It's official -- the 2010 Vancouver Olympics are now just one year away.

The white and grey futuristic-looking wand 2010 Olympic Torch was inspired by the cool, crisp lines left in the snow and ice from winter sports. Made in Canada, the torch has a fluid and dynamic shape evoking Canadians’ sense of optimism. The torch will travel 45,000 kilometers through every province and territory in Canada on its journey to Vancouver's BC Place for the opening ceremonies.

Designer Daniel Deschenes said building the torch wasn't just a challenge because of all the different climate conditions it will face over it's 100-plus day journey.

Weighing 3.5 pounds with the fuel, the torch represents Canada’s vast land and the country’s enormous potential and numerous natural resources. A maple leaf cut-out on the torch is both a symbolic element as well as functional, serving as an air intake to feed the Olympic Flame. The Games motto With Glowing Hearts/Des plus brilliants exploits is also engraved on the torch.

2010 Olympic TorchDaniel Deschnes of Bombardier with the 2010 Olympic Torch

2010 Olympic TorchClose-up of the insignia on the side of the 2010 Olympic torches

2010 Olympic TorchThe finished product: the 2010 Olympic torches

2010 Olympic Torch2010 Olympic TorchClose-up of 2010 Olympic torch (separated) and design sheets

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Anantara Dhigu Resort & Spa Maldives

Anantara Dhigu Resort & Spa is Maldives' unspoiled tropical paradise, surrounded by turquoise waters. Nestled on Dhigu island in the South Malé Atoll, Anantara Dhigu Resort & Spa, Maldives is just 35 minutes away from Malé International Airport.

The Anantara Resort Maldives features 110stylish villas, over-water suites and luxurious beach bungalows fringe tranquil lagoons. With interiors designed in warm earth tones complemented by vibrant splashes of color, every suite and villa offers every comfort and indulgence you could wish for on your ultimate romantic interlude.

Experience a healing massage at Anantara Spa, as you peer through the glass floors revealing the puffer fish, sting rays and baby reef sharks swimming underneath. Settle into luxury, impeccable style and Anantara's gracious service at Anantara Dhigu Maldives.

Anantara Dhigu Resort & Spa MaldivesOver water bungalow

Anantara Dhigu Resort & Spa MaldivesAnantara Dhigu Resort & Spa MaldivesOver water suite

Anantara Dhigu Resort & Spa MaldivesLuxurious bedrooms

Anantara Dhigu Resort & Spa MaldivesDeluxe Overwater Suite terrace

Anantara Dhigu Resort & Spa MaldivesFuddan Grill at night

Anantara Dhigu Resort & Spa MaldivesJacuzzi

Anantara Dhigu Resort & Spa MaldivesSpa

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Fabio GTS S400 track day carThe British sports car maker Farbio has released details of their new 2009 Farbio Track Day Car. Weighing just 956kg (2108 lbs), the track car has a power to weight ratio of 366 brake horsepower per ton.

The Track Day Car is based on the supercharged Farbio GTS350.The car comes with intercooler and upgraded injectors, a fuel bag tank, carbon fiber body, uprated gearbox with limited slip differential, dry sump and low profile Toyo R888 tires. The car will be road legal unless the customer specifies otherwise. Like anything good, the GTS S400 Track Day Car will limited to only 25 units.

All cars are made to order to the individual’s specification.

Fabio GTS S400 track day carFabio GTS S400 track day carFabio GTS S400 track day carFabio GTS S400 track day carFabio GTS S400 track day carFabio GTS S400 track day car
Source : Farbio Sports Cars

This stainless steel from Kenmore refrigerator towering a 25 cu. ft. with trio 4-door bottom-freezer refrigerator featuring the french doors and dual freezer drawers to enhance usable space and organization. An innovative 'in the door' ice system provides filtered water, cubed and crushed dispensed ice right through the door. The amazing interior features modern LED lighting and a full-width temperature-controlled pantry drawer. The multi-sensor advanced temperature management system keeps your foods at the proper temperature.

  • 4 door Styling with French Doors and Dual Freezer drawers for optimum fresh food and freezer organization
  • Flush to the door External Filtered Ice & Water Dispenser (color matched) provides Modern Styling
  • Dispenses Crushed Ice for quickly chilling beverages
  • Express Fill Dispensing Technology reduces the time it takes to fill a glass with water
  • Ice Making System in the Door frees up more top shelf space
  • Recessed LED interior lighting is brighter and provides more verticle top shelf space
  • Blue LCD Display with Smooth Touch Electronic Controls are easy to use and easy to clean
  • The Full Width Temperature-controlled Pantry Drawer is great for party platters and deli trays
  • The Hidden Door Hinge and Sleek Metal Handles provide a contemporary look to enhance any kitchen
The stainless steel Kenmore refrigerator comes at a price tag of $3,400 while the black model is $3,100.

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Mayback Zeppelin Edition a Luxury Saloon Model

Daimler headquarters in Stuttgart announces the new Maybach Zeppelin edition - a luxury saloon model. The new model represents the absolute zenith in the high-end luxury saloon segment. The Maybach Zeppelin epitomizes stylish elegance and the art of vehicle manufacture at its most re-fined as no car has ever done before. The new Maybach Zeppelin is being built in a limited edition of just 100 worldwide.

The Maybach 57 S and the long-wheelbase version, the 62 S, serve as the technical basis for the new range-topping model. Supreme performance is assured in both cases by the 6.0 litre V12 biturbo power unit under the bonnet, which now delivers 471 kW/640 hp (+ 28 hp) and a peak torque of 1000 Newton metres

The Maybach 57 Zeppelin costs €406,000, the Maybach 62 Zeppelin has a price tag of €473,200 (German list price, excl. VAT). The perfume atomiser that is exclusive to the Zeppelin can be ordered for an extra €3950 (German list price, excl. VAT).

The new Maybach Zeppelin goes on sale on 3 March 2009, with the first models expected to be delivered to customers in September 2009.

Mayback Zeppelin Edition a Luxury Saloon ModelMayback Zeppelin Edition a Luxury Saloon ModelMayback Zeppelin Edition a Luxury Saloon ModelMayback Zeppelin Edition a Luxury Saloon ModelMayback Zeppelin Edition a Luxury Saloon ModelSource: Daimler press release Images: autoblog

Tomasso Arditti Cigar Humidor

Tomasso Arditti has this Cigar Humidor in an elegant box of cedar wood covered with alligator skin, where you can store your most prized cigars. This box has a capacity of forty cigars at a time and take care of them retaining the typical sweet taste of cigars purchased.

Covered with crocodile skin this box is part of a large collection Arditti designed for cigar lovers, providing a range of accessories that allows smokers to enjoy the taste of a fine cigar.

As you know the elegance and exclusivity have a bitter aftertaste that is when you must pay these wonderful accessories. This box was in fact a cost of $1,795.

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Porsche Design 'The Essence' Luxury EditionClarins for 2008 was a very special year. You will not only smell great novelties, limited editions and unusual presents, but also to launch a brand new luxury perfume brand experiences together - Porche Design Fragrances.

Clarins launched THE ESSENCE the first men's fragrance by Porche Design Fragrances. Even after a few months, Clarins can say that THE ESSENCE has made a resounding success.

Today Clarins wants to contribute the success story of THE ESSENCE continue and new product line to present: THE ESSENCE Luxury Edition.

The Luxury Edition with its stylish and elegant appearance. The glass bottle has its shining glacier blue color against an elegant black matte exchanged with clean lines in a flacon designed frame made of brushed silver aluminum. The combination of matte black and brushed silver come together to create classic modernism. Presented flat in a deluxe case like an exclusive accessory, The Essence Luxury Edition is the ultimate gift for men who love fragrance and design.

The Porsche Design THE ESSENCE Luxury Edition will be commercially available on March 2009 and retails for 80 euros.

Acer Aspire One Momoka Eri EditionJapanese model and talented business woman Momoka Eri who owns a company that caters specifically to pimp up mobile phones, PSPs, and other gadgets. Recently she showed off her latest blinged up project - an Acer Aspire One Momoka Eri Edition.

The Acer Aspire One is covered with Swarovski crystal and beads with pink hearts following the Valentine’s tradition, and a golden one smack in the centre with Momo’s favourite letter sitting pretty inside. The effect certainly is dazzling and even quite appealing once you get a good look at it. No guesses on how affordable this netbook would be in its new and improved version. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, it is limited to those who reside in Japan only.

Acer Aspire One Momoka Eri EditionVia: akihabaranews

Amiga PC Table Created by Mikael PerssonThis custom built Amiga PC table aesthetically created by Mikael Persson is another dream furniture of any geek today. The Amiga PC table is simply a computer itself with rainbow on its desktop and white framed colors on the table. The front panel of the table features the floppy disc drive, CD disk drive and LCD display which is perfectly hide underneath the tabletop leaving ample space for the computer accessories and other peripherals, and the hardware zone.

The monitor is quite larger and has plenty of room for you to place your snacks and other peripherals.The Amiga PC table's price is still undisclosed, but it’s certainly be something we would want to grab.

Amiga PC Table Created by Mikael PerssonVia: ubergizmo

Thom Browne Jack Purcell Converse SneakerNew York based designer Thom Browne in collaboration with Converse has unveiled the iconic Jack Purcell sneaker by CONVERSE. Thom Browne used one of his favorite materials, grosgrain ribbon detailing an interwoven lattice work that looks like a tesselated French flag. The lining comes in suede, sole and toe cap in white, keeping an overall clean look. The patriotic basket weave is the same look that he used for a suit in his spring show. Thom Browne Converse Sneaker is exclusively available at the Parisian boutique Colette in Paris and retails for $1,800.

Thom Browne Jack Purcell Converse SneakerThom Browne Jack Purcell Converse Sneaker