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Porsche Design 'The Essence' Luxury Edition

Porsche Design 'The Essence' Luxury EditionClarins for 2008 was a very special year. You will not only smell great novelties, limited editions and unusual presents, but also to launch a brand new luxury perfume brand experiences together - Porche Design Fragrances.

Clarins launched THE ESSENCE the first men's fragrance by Porche Design Fragrances. Even after a few months, Clarins can say that THE ESSENCE has made a resounding success.

Today Clarins wants to contribute the success story of THE ESSENCE continue and new product line to present: THE ESSENCE Luxury Edition.

The Luxury Edition with its stylish and elegant appearance. The glass bottle has its shining glacier blue color against an elegant black matte exchanged with clean lines in a flacon designed frame made of brushed silver aluminum. The combination of matte black and brushed silver come together to create classic modernism. Presented flat in a deluxe case like an exclusive accessory, The Essence Luxury Edition is the ultimate gift for men who love fragrance and design.

The Porsche Design THE ESSENCE Luxury Edition will be commercially available on March 2009 and retails for 80 euros.


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