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Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Unveiled

2010 Olympic Torch with flame
It's official -- the 2010 Vancouver Olympics are now just one year away.

The white and grey futuristic-looking wand 2010 Olympic Torch was inspired by the cool, crisp lines left in the snow and ice from winter sports. Made in Canada, the torch has a fluid and dynamic shape evoking Canadians’ sense of optimism. The torch will travel 45,000 kilometers through every province and territory in Canada on its journey to Vancouver's BC Place for the opening ceremonies.

Designer Daniel Deschenes said building the torch wasn't just a challenge because of all the different climate conditions it will face over it's 100-plus day journey.

Weighing 3.5 pounds with the fuel, the torch represents Canada’s vast land and the country’s enormous potential and numerous natural resources. A maple leaf cut-out on the torch is both a symbolic element as well as functional, serving as an air intake to feed the Olympic Flame. The Games motto With Glowing Hearts/Des plus brilliants exploits is also engraved on the torch.

2010 Olympic TorchDaniel Deschnes of Bombardier with the 2010 Olympic Torch

2010 Olympic TorchClose-up of the insignia on the side of the 2010 Olympic torches

2010 Olympic TorchThe finished product: the 2010 Olympic torches

2010 Olympic Torch2010 Olympic TorchClose-up of 2010 Olympic torch (separated) and design sheets

Via: vancouversun


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