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Custom Built Amiga PC Table Created by Mikael Persson

Amiga PC Table Created by Mikael PerssonThis custom built Amiga PC table aesthetically created by Mikael Persson is another dream furniture of any geek today. The Amiga PC table is simply a computer itself with rainbow on its desktop and white framed colors on the table. The front panel of the table features the floppy disc drive, CD disk drive and LCD display which is perfectly hide underneath the tabletop leaving ample space for the computer accessories and other peripherals, and the hardware zone.

The monitor is quite larger and has plenty of room for you to place your snacks and other peripherals.The Amiga PC table's price is still undisclosed, but it’s certainly be something we would want to grab.

Amiga PC Table Created by Mikael PerssonVia: ubergizmo


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