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MNEMOSYNE USB Puzzle Cube - Most Expensive USB Flash Drive

MNEMOSYNE puzzle cube USB flash driveMNEMOSYNE is a puzzle cube and at the same time USB flash drive. This 16-gigabyte USB storage cube measures 72 mm each side and it consists of 5 polished silver pieces and 1 black piece which is the USB flash drive.

The concept was conceptualized and then created by Milan-based designers Toshi Satoji and Katsuya Masaki. The concept is similar to a puzzle where the memory is housed in the inner part of the body. Without disassembling the puzzle. You will never be able to access the memory that is stored inside. And once you store your files there, you must assemble the cube. This is exactly the opposite way that a common USB flash drive is used. Something very precious shouldn't be easy, in the same way an opera of art isn't.

The MNEMOSYNE storage device is made all-aluminum body and costs at $10,442. For more info visit the solidalliance.

MNEMOSYNE puzzle cube USB flash driveMNEMOSYNE puzzle cube USB flash driveVia: IT Media


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