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Arden Jaguar A-Type AJ18 Limited Edition

Arden A-Type AJ 18 Limited Edition

German tuning company Arden introduced a special version of the car A-Type AJ18, created based on the Jaguar XK model year 1995-2007. After 10 years later, the company Arden agreed to resume the production of rare series of car and produce an additional five units of the vehicle, complementing the original 13 previously built.

Along with the new front and rear wings, made the car more to 50 mm for A-type added three vents in the front wings, altered front bumper with top and bottom steel bars and lip-spoilers, racing mirrors, side skirts and rear bumper.

Completed the transformation of Jaguar XK great back and 20-inch alloy wheels with Sportline Low rubber.Mechanical refinement includes high-performance braking system with discs 370 mm in diameter and brake slide, sports suspension, and descend on the car below 30 mm.

There is no pricing yet for the Arden A-Type AJ, but this could cost an arm and leg due to the limited numbers.

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The 20-inch alloy wheels with Sportline Low rubber is not bad and with it the struts will be able to absorb the shocks at ease. Aero dynamics will also be smooth flowing due to the front and rear wings installed on it.

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