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UNIQLO MEGASTORE in Tokyo Designed by Curiosity

Uniqlo MegastoreJapanese clothing line Uniqlo has opened its Megastore near Shinjuku station in Tokyo. The Uniqlo Megastore designed by Tokyo based studio, Curiosity. The new design is strongly influenced by the Tokyo urban landscape and the large entrance, marked with three display towers, recreates a mini-Shinjuku city.

The fa├žade is composed of two surfaces with geometrical lit lines. The lines make the materiality of the facade and architecture disappear so that only the Uniqlo logos remain in the complex maze of neon and information of the virtual city that Tokyo becomes at night.

Uniqlo MegastoreUniqlo MegastoreUniqlo MegastoreUniqlo MegastoreVia: yatzer


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