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Alfa 8C Competizione Will be a Featured Vehicle at the 24th Annual Concorso Italiano

Alfa 8C CompetizioneThe 24th Concorso Italiano, the premier event celebrating exotic and Italian automobiles, announced that the exclusive Alfa 8C Competizione will be a featured vehicle at the leading kick-off event to Monterey weekend on Friday, August 14.

Concorso Italiano owner, Tom McDowell said, "We are excited to feature the Alfa 8C as it encompasses all the elements we look for with sensational styling and searing performance exemplifying the ultimate in Italian design and providing the automotive enthusiasm we strive for at Concorso".

The Alfa 8C Competizione is a stunning and lavish car that will be built in limited numbers, as the crown jewel of the manufacturer's fleet. The 8C engine comes from the Ferrari, representing the first firm collaboration between three of Italys greatest sports car manufacturers, Alfa, Ferrari and Maserati.

The 8C encompasses an exhilarating style with its true sports car shape and an aggressive look, attracting high-end buyers who will wait up to one year to purchase one of only 500 models to be built.

Alfa 8C CompetizioneAlfa 8C Competizione


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I can see that this Alfa 8C car is a stunning one and it seems that the engine is really created to last in a race event.

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