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Porsche 700 Storage Office Designed by F.A. Porsche

Porsche 700 storage officeThe "Porsche 700" storage office and service car designed by F.A. Porsche brings a whole new meaning to words like mobility and flexibility. Materials of the highest quality in combination with the truly multifunctional interior guarantee a sophisticated and pleasant experience. This extremely versatile unit is perfect for a wide variety of applications including business, service or home use. It keeps confidential business papers safely locked away and offers easy and fast access to your files at the same time. Dividers can be inserted and the shelf height is adjustable as well. Easy opens with a simple handling to 180 degrees.

Made in Germany with the highest quality materials. Brushed stainless steel, natural anodised aluminum and PERDUR surfaces ensure a durable quality finish.

Aluminum case, Perdur-surfaces, stainless steel hinge and top rail, lockable, 8 wheels (2 of which are lockable), freely adjustable (up to 180 degrees), includes 2 shelves. Special price at $2280.

Porsche 700 storage officePorsche 700 storage office


wyne said... @ May 21, 2009 at 11:51 AM

Very nice, so orderly and elegant looking! i think we can also use such at home to save spaces

Liero said... @ May 21, 2009 at 9:03 PM

so luxury, I wanna buy one when i hav enough money...

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