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OMAS Doctors Special Fountain Pen

OMAS Doctors PenIn commemorating the 50th anniversary of Omas founder Armondo Simoni’s death in 1958, OMAS presents the Omas Doctors Pe known as the Doctor's Pen for the clinical thermometer it housed inside the barrel. Only 58 pieces will be available worldwide.

The barrel is made of bordeaux red enamel with sterling silver body featuring the staff of Aesculapius. The pen retains the unusual flattened shape of the original and is only available as a fountain pen in a limited edition of fifty eight.

The body of the pen is cotton resin; the 18K gold nib is inscribed like the 1927 original with an “S” for Simoni. Fountain pen is bottle fill only. The OMAS Doctors Pen is available at fahrneyspens priced at $2,360
OMAS Doctors PenVia: fahrneyspens


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