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Hyundai Genesis Coupe Racing Wing Pack

Hyundai Genesis Coupe Racing Wing PackHyundai released Genesis Coupe RW(Racing Wing Pack) model upgraded practical things in Korea market.With a focus on customer preference and convenience, new specifications were applied. Qualified, high-performance image of the RW model to maximize the Genesis Coupe merchantability added to improve the model.

DMB intelligent navigation is optional. In this option, the clock, air conditioning, audio information display changed to the information display of driving status such as torque and multi-gauge. In addition, high-pass system (ETCS, Electronic Toll Collecting System) is applied on all models to improve convenience of the highway driving. It's only useful in South Korea highway system.

Suggested price is between 22,970,000(KRW) and 34,280,000(KRW).

Hyundai Genesis Coupe Racing Wing PackHyundai Genesis Coupe Racing Wing PackVia: Aving /hyundaibuzz


hyundai parts said... @ September 30, 2009 at 10:38 AM

I was assuming that it'll come in a body with little wings on its side. Well, that'll, perhaps, give the car more speed. For I read in one article that irregular surfaces on the car such as winged sides, decreases air pressure and increases fuel efficiency.

小美冰淇淋Paul said... @ June 15, 2010 at 11:12 AM


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