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Stainless Steel OTTO Espresso Maker

OTTO  Espresso Maker

Most of us starts our day by drinking a cup of fresh coffee and savor the aroma of it. Nowadays, there are many options of coffee machines that is available in the market, but this stainless steel chromey Otto espresso is definitely the easiest one. The OTTO Espresso maker is the product of a “three year development phase has been driven by a love for great coffee.” It is a stove top espresso maker, but with a markedly different look to others of its kind. It is over engineered to the extreme and by the looks of things delivers a fantastic cup of coffee. The internal mechanism is completely different to the original machines. The boiler unit is separated and bolts into the base of the body, the steam and water hoses are separated and the water pick up in this unit is restricted to 60 ml (2 shots). The pressure capability/safety valve setting is at 10 bar, significantly higher than the original machines. The steaming pressure is around 1.5 bar, the same as a commercial boiler and the proof is in the texture of the milk. It is expected to arrive in Australia in January 2009. Its price will be at AU$495 (US$420)

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