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Gibson Dark Fire Electric Guitar in Limited Edition

Gibson  Dark Fire Electric GuitarGibson has launched its much awaited new Dark Fire guitar, labeled as a "Marriage between Chameleon Tone Technology and Second-Generation Robot Guitar Technology". It features chambered mahogany body that makes the guitar lighter that any other Gibson. The Gibson Dark Fire Guitar gives you a number of tonal possibilities to let you change the tone of the Dark Fire to match your environment. It comes with some more interesting features like the pickup combination or the stunning cool finish — the P90h in the neck position and a Burstbucker 3 in the bridge position. Both are capped with new carbon fiber-like pickup covers, impeccably designed to match the Dark Fire's advanced fade.

The power head tuners, the tuning brain, the battery functions, and even the unprecedented sonic capabilities of a fully digital guitar and Chameleon Tone Technology. Everything is here to give you a new, stunning level of tonal and functional freedom that allows you the uninhibited release of your creative potential. This stunning guitar is priced at $3,500

Via: guitarsite /gibsondarkfire
Gibson  Dark Fire Electric GuitarGibson  Dark Fire Electric Guitar


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