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Luxurious Fitness Gear by KiS

Luxurious fitness accessories by KiSFrench company KiS – KEEP IN SHAPE (KiS), launches an exclusive line of fitness accessories from hand-made and tailor-made ostrich leather and crocodile, to rediscover the pleasure of gesture, touch and sight.

Designed by Bruno Fuscien-Trasan, personal trainer the exclusive Hotel Le Bristol in Paris,
presented a collection of luxury fitness gear from yoga mats in fine calfskin, dumb bells, gym stick, gloves, and weights of alligator leather are just some of the accessories for the extra fitness.

Since KiS had officially launch from Harrod's, it became among the Top 25 London superstore.

Luxurious fitness accessories by KiSLuxurious fitness accessories by KiSLuxurious fitness accessories by KiS


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