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LG Mobile Phone New Prada Handset Coming Soon

Prada phoneLG mobile phone is aiming a number 2 spot cellphone maker in the world by 2012. In an interview to Yonhap News Agency, Ahn Seung-kwon, president for LG’s mobile business,shares the latest on the upcoming Prada phone, to compete with Apple’s iPhone and luxury phone - Vertu.

There were also some other interesting tidbits that Mr. Ahn let drop during the interview. Among them are:
  • in Q4 LG will launch a new “Black label” series phone, which will be positioned to compete with the iPhone
  • LG is pretty happy with their luxury “Prada” phone line and is working on another Prada handset
  • LG also has a plan to move even deeper into a luxury cellphone market, by creating it’s own extreme premium brand, “similar to Toyota’s Lexus and Nokia’s Vertu”
Via: Unwired View


Competitions said... @ July 22, 2011 at 8:09 PM

PRADA is a good product and very impressive look as well.Now I am waiting for its new features which will appear on its launching.

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