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Infiniti Essence Hybrid Concept Car

Infiniti Essence concept carThe Infiniti Essence Concept Car is a hybrid concept car first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. The Essence concept was created as a celebration of Infiniti and its 20 years history as a creator of performance cars.

The dramatic design, technology and performance statement is a 600PS petrol/electric hybrid coupe with rear-wheel drive. It will be on display in Goodwood's FoS-TECH pavilion and also on the famous Goodwood Hillclimb where it will perform in public for the first time.

Every part of the car has been carefully considered, even down to the trunk space. Inspired by the early 20th century, when luggage for cars was made to order, Infiniti have worked with Louis Vuitton to create a three-part luxury luggage set that fits into the trunk as precisely as a sword into a scabbard.

Infiniti Essence concept carInfiniti Essence concept carInfiniti Essence concept carInfiniti Essence concept carVia: autoblog/InfinitiEurope


2004-2010 Infiniti FX45 Front Floorliners Mats - Weathertech said... @ February 2, 2011 at 2:57 PM

Luxury has been standard with Infiniti. The exterior is very sophisticated as well as the design for the luggage compartment.

Of course we should also consider the interior. This new hybrid car also characterize the molded floor liners inside with an integrated look of the Infiniti FX45 and its other model.

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