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Hennessey Performance Engineering Unveils the 2010 Hennessey Z700

Hennessey Z700Hennessey Performance Engineering is happy to introduce its 705 bhp Z700 upgrade package for the 2010 ZR1. With these too much horsepower upgrades, Porsche owners can opt up from a normal 911 to a GT3 RS, Dodge Viper owners can choose the ACR edition, and Corvette ZR1 owners can opt for the Hennessey Z700.

Hennessey’s Z700 performance package starts by upgrading the LS9's supercharger, exhaust and air induction systems, which is then dyno tuned to 705 bhp. Additional upgrades include lightweight carbon fiber wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires, which reduces rotating weight by nearly 60 lbs. Hennessey's Z-Aero ™ carbon fiber front splitter, canards and rear spoiler also add over 300 lbs of down force, helping plant the added power to the road or track. Rounding out the Z700 upgrade package is a revised interior with lightweight carbon fiber seats, Alcantara steering wheel and shift knob.

Hennessey Z700 is limited only to 24 units and the customers who order a Z700 also get a one-day performance driving instruction course at Lonestar Motorsports Park. The total cost will start at $207,150.

Hennessey Z700Via: autoblog/hennesseyperformancestore


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