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Dom Perignon's Oenothèque Champagne Twin Bottle

Dom Perignon Oenothèque Champagne bottleDom Perignon has recently introduced the first Oenothèque series, in this case the 1995 vintage champagne, first released in 2002. The seven-year-old original has been packaged alongside its 13-year-old fraternal twin. But tasting the two Champagnes side by side reveals that it’s not another limited-edition gimmick.The Dom Perignon Vintage 1995 has more vim in its microbubble, with honeyed biscuit notes; the lush Oenothèque 1995 has refined its flavor to a smoky, peaty depth, with a creamy fullness that is years apart.

The vertiginous Oenothèque champagne is priced at $550 for the two bottles and available at Crush Wine and Spirits


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