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Tumi New Collections of Luxury Bags for MEN

Tumi BagsTumi presented the luxury bags collection for MEN especially designed for the man who loves to surround the elegant charm.

The new Tumi bag collections for men comes with two newly released luxury bags: Tumi Townhouse and Tumi Sundance.

Tumi Townhouse is well crafted with pieces of alligator leather, bags in soft leather chocolate-colored, and ballistic nylon backpacks. While Tumi Sundance presents a functional bags for business and travel bags in leather hammer, which are to prevail as the ink colors, yellow and black cumin. The men's collection is complemented by stylish accessories such as wallets, belts and pens.

Tumi BagsTumi Bags


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ln said... @ July 26, 2012 at 3:18 AM

Tumi has recently come out with some new selections and models. You can check them out here http://www.leenewman.com/bags.html

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