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Resorts World at Sentosa, Singapore to be Opened in Early 2010

Resorts World at SentosaThe Valiram Group has confirmed thru The Moodie Report as the exclusive and sole luxury retail operator of Resorts World at Sentosa, Singapore. Located on the tropical island of Sentosa, just 15 minutes away from downtown Singapore.

Valiram Group will develop the 30,000 sq ft of shopping space for Resorts World at Sentosa.

The complex will feature Universal Studios Singapore, two ultra-luxury hotels as well as four other hotels, a casino, the world’s largest oceanarium, a water park, an upscale spa centre and many other attractions, including MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) facilities for 35,000 guests.

Valiram said: “The approximately 30,000sq ft of luxury retail space will include an exciting line-up of ├╝ber luxury brands, ranging from the best jewellers and fine watchmaking brands to leading fashion houses. Additionally, it will include an exclusive Swiss Watch Gallery concept which showcases the best of Swiss watchmaking as well as a modern beauty hall which will include all major fragrance and cosmetics brands.”

The luxury retail boutiques at Resorts World at Sentosa are to be opened in early 2010.

Resorts World at SentosaThe spectacular Resorts World at Sentosa offers a major travel retail.

Resorts World at SentosaThe resort includes 30,000 sq ft of luxury travel retail space.

Source: The Moodie Report /rwsentosa


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