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Pirelli PZero 1400 - the Luxury Raft

Pirelli PZero 1400Italian sports fashion house Pirelli has come out with luxury raft called "Pirelli PZero 1400" in collaboration between the Swedish Tecnorib OMD and Ocke Mannerfelt Design Team AB - a leader in designing of boats and racing sports.

Pirelli Raft is characterized by the high level of performance, luxury touch that normally can be found on yachts from fifteen meters to climb. It features a high performance version with the petrol engine which gives an increase of about 10 knots maximum speed up to over 55 knots.

This raft is produced in a limited edition which distinguishes not only for the color that characterizes the hull, superstructure and tubular, but also for the presence of carbon used for the performance of components on board.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is a happy client of Pirelli PZero 1400, whom frequently seen at the port of Monaco. Others have followed like Roberto Cavalli, sighted on the waters of Costa Smeralda, Valeria Mazza, Afef Tronchetti Provera, and Simona Ventura. Among the advantages of Pirelli raft are comfortable to use as well as the ease of use.


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