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Mardan Palace Europe's Most Expensive Hotel

Mardan Palace
Mardan Palace -the most expensive hotel in Europe opened this month with A-list celebrities including Sharon Stone, Mariah Carey and Richard Gere. The $1.4 billion luxury hotel was inaugurated with a bang as Tom Jones opened for Carey, Paris Hilton made an obligatory appearance.

Located in Antalya, in the Lara Region of Turkey and owned by Russian billionaire Telman Ismailov

The Mardan Palace was inspired by the Ottoman empire and modeled after the Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul. It is luxuriously appointed with exclusive Hermés amenities. Advanced interactive multimedia systems with flat screen LCD TV and WiFi supply you with superior listening pleasure. Ultra luxurious 24-hour butler service is provided in every suite.

The hotel boosts its 560 rooms, only 2 are considered “royal suites.” Beyond the rooms, there’s a two-acre spa, a “vitamin bar,” a Champagne bar, a large botanical garden, a huge indoor aquariums, and a 900-person outdoor amphitheater.

The Mardan Palace suites can cost over $18,000 per night.

Mardan PalaceMardan PalaceMardan PalaceMardan PalaceMardan PalaceMardan PalaceMardan Palace


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What a breathtaking view! This is one big awesome place. I might say, they have all the right to charge high for the place. The makers of the hotel should be applauded for their eye for extravagant and intricate designs.

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