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Fendi Casa Newest Innovative Home Design

Fendi CasaFendi Casa has just introduced some interesting innovations that are being refined to ‘‘dress up’ rooms in a way which is very similar to how Fendi designs its fur and precious leather coats, clothes, and accessories.

246 cm Kitchen Studio's Fendi Casa is a multi-functional space that features sophisticated wardrobe doors with custom FF logo. It conceals a handy set and modern fully equipped kitchen with stove, sink, microwave oven, coffee machine, refrigerator and dishwasher. The interior sides are covered with black ennobled, while the external doors are painted with wood glossy chocolate.

The innovative reflective mirror of Fendi Casa
transforms into an LCD TV with various optional such as: analog receiver, digital terrestrial, satellite in HD, USB input, IR repeater and PAY TV. In addition, there are accessories on request for wireless headphones for a home-theater system.

Fendi CasaFendi Casa


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