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Code-X Solar Hybrid Yacht

Code-X  Hybrid YachtSwiss yacht builder, Code-X has announced its first luxury hybrid yacht to combine solar power and Formula 1 engine technology. The yacht uses the latest generation solar cells or photovoltaics in the form of glass-glass modules that will charge the battery pack in two days. The charge can also be completed in one hour with the main engine.

The 47 foot Code-X catamaran comes with a hybrid engine that can deliver 710hp by twin Ilmor Formula 1 engines to propel the yacht at a speed in excess of 80 knots or a more leisurely 9 knots on open water.

The Code-X yacht is packed with the latest in LED touchscreen control panels, a Kevlar/carbon shell with phototropic-shaded screens and windows and a GPS-controlled “Virtual Anchor” system, which enables the yacht to remain stationary in case of wind speed or currents.

Code-X  Hybrid YachtCode-X  Hybrid YachtCode-X  Hybrid Yacht


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Vance said... @ March 9, 2010 at 12:34 PM

The yacht looks really amazing. This will turn a few heads if you take one these to a yacht club. It is really sleek looking and has a nice powerful engine. It is also solar powered so it is both beneficial for the environment and you don’t have to spend too much on fuel for it.

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