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Cairo Expo City by Zaha Hadid

Cairo Expo City
World's famous architect Zaha Hadid will be designing the Cairo Expo City together with multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy Buro Happold.

The project is located between the city center and the airport, which will provide a campus for exhibitions and conferences, making Cairo more competitive in a global scale.

The project includes 450,000sqm for exhibition and conferences, and also two office towers (31 and 33 stories each) and a shopping centre.

Carving and sculpting processes have been used to divide the very large exhibition and conference areas required for Cairo Expo City into clusters of individual buildings that have their own formal composition, yet each building relates to the overall design. A main north-south artery is carved through the design, with secondary streams converging at the centre to ease crowd traffic during event. The movement of people within these streams informs the building entrances on the site.

Cairo Expo CityCairo Expo CityCairo Expo CityCairo Expo CitySource: archdaily


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