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Brioni Opens in Istanbul's Nisantasi Luxury District

Brioni IstanbulBrioni, the quintessential Italian clothing label extended its reach to Turkey with the opening of a 160-square-meter boutique in Istanbul in the prestigious Nisantasi luxury district. The Italian brand's newest boutique brings its ready-to-wear collection and more to the “The City on Seven Hills.

The idea behind the new store was to meet the demands of the European and Middle Eastern market. With the addition of its made-to-measure service, Brioni hopes its Turkish store will continue the brand's expansion into “interesting places of the world.”

Brioni has an exclusive clientele of approximately 25,000 privileged customers, the likes of Kofi Annan, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and Richard Gere. Brioni tuxedos has appeared in James Bond flick's Casino Royale as the official Bond's designer. The exclusive Bond suit which is worn by Daniel Craig is worth £3,000.

Brioni plans to open three more boutiques this year in Shanghai, Beirut and in Lugano, Switzerland.

Jame Bond Brioni SuitThe £3,000 exclusive James Bond suit by Brioni.


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