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BMW X6 2009 Tuned by Hartge

Hartge BMW X6Famous German tuner Hartge, has released their version of the BMW X6 xDrive35d, the Sports Activity Coupe diesel version.

The twin-turbo 3.0 liter diesel gets a working to the tune of 328 hp and 675 Nm of torque. The Hartge X6 receives an aerodynamic kit made in high-quality PUR-RIM, an ultra-lightweight polyurethane plastic.

The diffuser is integrated into the front spoiler, while at the rear, the diffuser is placed between quadrilateral tail pipes. The Hartge X6 suspension set lowers the X6 by 30 mm and the car sits on CLASSIC 2″ wheels (10.5 x 22″ offset 33 at the front and 12 x 22″ offset 23 at the back).

A full Hartge conversion for the X6 xDrive35d - including fitment and painting work - costs EUR 29,353.94 including 19% VAT.

Hartge BMW X6Hartge BMW X6Hartge BMW X6Via: wcf /bmwblog


Car Parts said... @ August 27, 2009 at 10:59 AM

The complex innovations that has been added to this latest version are nothing but great. Amidst the prevalence of hybrid cars, they continued to release their diesel-powered ones but innovated it in such a way that it will emit less pollution. plus, the exterior really looks great. The rear view is really awesome!

BMW Interior Trim said... @ October 14, 2009 at 10:39 AM

I would love to hear other posts about this car. It really caught my curiosity as to why BMW has still decided to come up with a diesel-powered car.I hope we can also see photos of the BMW Interior Trim.

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