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Airbus A380 Superjumbo Private Flying Palace

Airbus A380 private jetAn unkown buyer from Middle Eastern prince has spend £300 million for a luxurious Airbus A380 private jet, which is being designed by Worcestershire-based firm Design Q. The modified Airbus A380 superjumbo flying palace is the world's largest private jet when completed in three years time.

According to Design Q's co-founder Gary Doy, the belly of the A380 has been turned into a relaxation zone, including a Turkish bath lined with marble only two millimetres thick to keep the weight down.

Mr Doy added: 'It is something very, very special and there is nothing like it on the market yet.
We are not trying to put a hotel in the air, it is tailored to the needs of flying, and has unique features which fit into that. The Turkish bath is particularly spectacular, a steam room with marble, low lights and lots of spa treatments to choose from.'

There is also a unique well-being room that has floors and walls turned into giant screens showing the ground below. Guests can enjoy a unique flying experience by stepping on to the magic carpet as a cool scented breeze blows in the room.

The five suites which form the owner's private quarters have king- size beds, entertainment systems and a prayer room featuring computer generated prayer mats which always face Mecca. A lift shuttles between the plane's three floors, from the private quarters upstairs, down to the concert hall, featuring a baby grand piano and seating for ten, and to the garage below.

Airbus A380 private jetVia: Dailymail


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