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Wii Gold Plated for Queen Elizabeth II

Wii Gold Plated for Elizabeth IIToday Nintendo launched its game "Big Family Games", a title of THQ. To mark the event, the maker of game consoles family has said, the idea of the editor, it would be the opportunity to make a single copy of its Wii console gold plated to the Queen of England HM Elizabeth II.

Apparently, the publisher hopes that Her Majesty Queen Family play with avatars of Prince Philip, Charles, William and Harry or even with Camilla.The game contains 24 tracks of classic family entertainment, mini-golf to horse, and the console came with his Wiimote also gold plated.

There is also pleased to see the Wiimote fly plated or through the windows of Buckingham Palace when His Majesty, aged 83 years, will tennis.

The transaction apparently works very well because everybody is talking about Queen Elizabeth and experience the privilege of being the first to play on a Wii gold plated. Heureusement que la console ne chauffe pas trop. Fortunately, the console does not heat too.

Wii Gold Plated for Elizabeth II


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