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Luxury Brand Scaring by Daniele Buetti

Luxury Brand Scaring Swiss artist Daniele Buetti prefers to work with multimedia, and these powerful images are a good example of her thought-provoking work which often involves glamorous models, celebrities, photography and scarring.

These women have all been under the scar treatment of luxury brand names. Are they scarred, tattooed or earmarked by these famous luxury perfume brands? It makes you wonder what is going on, which is part of the artist’s intention.

Daniele Buetti lives in Berlin and Zurich and has been widely exhibited with her Photoshopped artwork since the mid 80s. Her art plays on gender, identity and consumerism.

Luxury Brand Scaring Luxury Brand Scaring


Anonymous said... @ October 18, 2010 at 9:30 AM

Daniele Buetti is male

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