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Goldmund Telos 5000 the Most Powerful Audio Amplifier

Goldmund Telos 5000 amplifiers
The new Telos 5000 from goldmund is one of the most powerful audio amplifier available in the market today.

Only 25 of the 651-pound Telos 5000 amplifiers will be made, and most are already sold. For the few that are able to get their hands on one, they're in for a treat.

The Telos 5000 is a 37-inch tall monster, sports a claimed THD+Noise rating of 0.0005%. There are some fantastic amps on the market that don't do better than 0.005%. At +/- 3 dB (what most "normal" products spec out), the range is a claimed 0 to 2.5 megahertz.

The power rating is a clamed 5000 watts, hence the name, into 2 ohms. Into 8 ohms, where most speakers spec out (though resistance will vary with frequency), the amp does a still staggering 1,250 watts.

The internal D/A (there are analog inputs as well) is called the Alize 7 and has a resolution of over 130 dB.

Few amps will ever hold a candle to the performance of the Telos 5000. The few that can afford, and the few that we'll even have a chance to hear it, should consider themselves lucky. Priced at approx $189,600

Via: goldmund /hemagazine


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