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Chord Electronics Launches Indigo Advanced DAC iPod dock

Chord Indigo Advanced DAC iPod dockChord Electronics has just launched the Indigo iPod dock is the very latest in digital product development.It’s specifically designed to be the universal control centre for both digital and analogue sources.

The Indigo can handle sources via Bluetooth A2DP, SPDIF, AES, USB, iPod, and optical as well as utra-low distortion headphone jacks alongside the conrol panel and inside we find a fifth-generation Pulse Array DAC.

Each Indigo comes with a modded iPod classic which transforms the machine into a glorified high-end music source and your iPod into a wireless device. It also wirelessly streams media from most mobile phones.

The supplied iPod classic comes with a special dongle which Chord claims allows “a true digital output can be obtained to feed directly into the DAC circuitry”. If you choose not to purchase the modified iPod you can attach you own via a standard dongle that links directly to the A2DP receiver.

The Chord Indigo is available exclusively from chord at a staggering price at $12,000.

Chord Indigo Advanced DAC iPod dockVia: chordelectronics


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