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BRUSA's Spyder Electric Sportscar

BRUSA's Spyder electric sportscarSwiss electronics company, BRUSA, recently attended the EVS 24 Conference in Stavanger, Norway, with an electric sportscar called the Spyder.

Powered by a couple of 95 kW electric motors – one for each rear wheel – the Spyder is reportedly capable of scooting to 60 miles per hour in under 5 seconds. Power comes from a 16 kWh lithium polymer battery pack from Kokam, which is enough juice to provide for a range of 125 kilometers (77 miles) at 80 kilometers per hour (about 50 miles per hour).

A liquid-cooled charger resides underhood, along with all the rest of the assorted electronic goodies to make it all work, and a full charge reportedly takes four hours when plugged in to a 16-amp, 220-volt outlet.

BRUSA's Spyder electric sportscarVia: autoblog


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With their motto "Towards Zero Emission", this Brusa Spyder Electric car is one of the additional vehicles that support the campaign for a less emission environment. I'm just wandering if garage pro products can match this vehicle.

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