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BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo

BMW 5-Series  Gran TurismoBMW officially hatching out the BMW 5-Series. The BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo is the series-based adaptation of the Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS) in the upper midrange segment,offering an impressive outlook on the extension of the BMW 5 Series by a new, additional concept.

The BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo combines elegance, space,comfort and variability. In a combination never seen before on any other car, the characteristic features of a prestigious sedan, a modern and versatile Sports Activity Vehicle, and a classic Gran Turismo are all united in this unique Concept Car.

The BMW Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo transfers the characteristics of a classic Gran Turismo to a very special four-door vehicle with four seats. These features so typical of a Gran Turismo are then enriched by the highest standard of intelligent, versatile functionality.

Prices are expected to start at around £40,000.

BMW 5-Series  Gran TurismoBMW 5-Series  Gran TurismoBMW 5-Series  Gran TurismoBMW 5-Series  Gran TurismoBMW 5-Series  Gran Turismo


distributor rotor said... @ May 20, 2011 at 3:13 PM

It is a good idea for BMW to launch this Concept 5 Series. From the way it looks, it seems that it is an elegant car with reliable speed and safety. Pretty good for sports activity.

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