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Aurora's Luxury Fountain Pens With 30 Carats of Diamonds

Most expensive aurora fountain pen

The only pen in the world known to contain over 30 carats of diamonds, this masterpiece is created by Aurora, the oldest and most prestigious fountain pen manufacturer in Italy. An exquisite diamond cabochon crowns nearly two thousand "4 C" certified De Beers diamonds on a two hectogram solid platinum barrel with a two-tone, rhodium-treated, 18KT solid gold nib, creating what may well be the most exclusive, valuable writing instrument available in the world.

Although the price for this piece is not published to the public, it is believed to be circa €1 Million Euros. Only one of most fortunate of people in the world may contend, each year, ownership of this most exclusive jewel of jewels, personalised with their coat-of-arms, signature or portrait.

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