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Taiyou: Solar Powered Ropeway by Fredrik Hylten

Taiyou RopewayTaiyou Ropeway is a solar-powered cable vehicle concept created by designer Fredrik Hylten which is intended to replace the mountain gondola for transporting between two mountains. Taiyou Ropeway is a self-supporting energy that could be installed in a remote areas where there is no available electrical power supply.

There are two sets of sun-powered pod fitted with safety harnesses, and a sliding floor that opens up the sides overlooking natural views. The two wires system are better than what a ski lift-style gondola might offer, the designers says, because it's more stable in high winds and allows the support towers to be spaced further apart.

Taiyou RopewaySolar powered experience lift. Don't just rush to the top, this lift takes you on a thrilling and beautiful journey on the way - sit back and enjoy the ride!
Taiyou RopewayTwo seats with safety belts. The floor under the seats can slide back and forth to compensate for the tilt of the lift.
Taiyou RopewayThe towers holding the two wires. Two wires gives better wind stability and lets you increase the spans between the towers.

Source: elanso /Fredrik Hylten


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