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2009 Audi R8 5.2 FSI Quattro

2009 The Audi R8 5.2 FSI Quattro

Audi has launched their next variant top-of-the-line model - the Audi R8 V10 5.2 FSI Quattro. The brand has established itself at the forefront of high-end sports cars from the very start – and now comes the R8 V10. Its 5.2-liter, ten-cylinder engine churns out 386 kW (525 hp) and 530 Nm (390.91 lb-ft) of torque, which makes for breathtaking performance. With superior Audi technologies such as quattro all-wheel drive, the lightweight aluminum body, the innovative all-LED headlights, and its striking design, the R8 V10 takes pole position against the competition.

Audi says the car can zip from zero to 60 mph in less than 3.9 seconds but will return up to 17 mpg in average fuel economy with the R tronic. Both transmissions come with a launch control program for quick starts with electronically controlled tire-slip reduction.

The R8 5.2 rides on unique 10-spoke 19-inch wheels, shod with 235/35R-19 rubber in front and 295/30R-19s in the rear. High-performance ceramic brakes with composite discs are optional.

The new Audi R8 V10 5.2 FSI Quattro will be available in Germany from the second quarter of 2009 at a base price tag of €142,400 or roughly (US$183,000).

2009 The Audi R8 5.2 FSI Quattro2009 The Audi R8 5.2 FSI Quattro2009 The Audi R8 5.2 FSI Quattro2009 The Audi R8 5.2 FSI Quattro

Click on the video to hear one of the most glorious sounds a petrol engine can make.

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This car is guite good, but it has only two seats. So, I'm not really interested with it. Haha...

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Man, I like this car.

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Wow! The car really looks awesome. But what I dislike about it is that it seemed so small. The passenger capacity is also limited.

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