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TriSpecs a Bluetooth Stereo Fashion Eyewear

TriSpecs Bluetooth Stereo Fashion EyewearTriSpecs has unveiled its own technetronic eyewear a device which is capable of switching between voice communication and stereo music with the push of a button. Blending designer sunglasses, sterio headphones, and Bluetooth headset functionality. TriSpecs are the hottest way to connect to mobile phones and music players. TriSpecs engineering allows you to switch between voice communication, with unsurpassed noise elimination technology, and stereo sound for a great experience, using button controls on the glasses.

TriSpecs glasses are yet to be available in the market but are expected to be priced for just $200 and available in black, white, and metallic options.

TriSpecs Bluetooth Stereo Fashion Eyewear Via: egadget


Anonymous said... @ January 30, 2009 at 6:02 PM

best looking bluetooth headset i've seen on the market.

Wireless headphones for my blackberry : )

great looking sunglasses

Got my vote - I will be getting my hands on this. Bestbuy? amazon? who's lined up to carry it?


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