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Skiing Like a Pro - A Ski Home Simulator from Proidee

Proidee Ski Home Simulator

The Ski Home Simulator from Proidee is perfect for every ski lover, it is easy to use and it looks like a PlayStation game. The ski simulator features 32 racetracks and slopes in the most famous ski resorts in the world, the Ski Home Simulator is closest thing you can get as far as sky simulators can go. Experience the thrill like never before as the simulator vibrates, rotates, tilts, exactly like a real ski descent. A great way to train yourself to become a professional skier. A microchip transmits your movements on the screen simultaneously to help you track your performance.

Apparently it’s for the PC only, meaning that you need to plug it to your PC or laptop. With 32 different courses from 18 real life venues including Beaver Lake, Lake Louise and Chamonix. The price for this German made Home Ski Simulator is $2,285.

Proidee Ski Home Simulator Proidee Ski Home Simulator
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