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Remote Controlled Whirlpool Bath Nova from Jacuzzi

Whirlpool Bath Nova from Jacuzzi

Designed by Carlo Urbinati, this new design icon luxury baths is the corner whirlpool bath Nova from Jacuzzi. At first glance you will feel absolutely relaxed. Its generous width and depth render service completely to you. Its round form becomes an element of distinction of the whole bathroom. You can form part it of your space while you wish, in the free one or the making version the corner, and embellish it with innate heat and the glances of refining of wood and the marble. The contemporary house is not any more one rigid place, but a space soft, harmonious and comfortable, full with the forms inspired by nature and friendly technology. The original hydromassage of Jacuzzi, measured perfectly with the tonality, stimulate and regenerate each sector of the body, write a new dimension of thanks of versatility to the possibility of choice of much of combination of the jets, in particular new Aquasystem with its four enthralling and forms adapted to the customer requirements of health (quiet, the breath, replace and dreams) to appreciate freely in many positions, without barriers around you. The standard version of the nova is equipped with a system of asepticizing and offers the comfort of a heater and the luminous beauty of the underwater projector in the higher version. For details visit Jacuzzi.

Whirlpool Bath Nova from JacuzziWhirlpool Bath Nova from JacuzziWhirlpool Bath Nova from JacuzziThe Nova stylish whirlpool puts a spin on a traditional bath basic with its modern round shape and remote controlled features.


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Cashmere said... @ January 17, 2009 at 6:10 AM

It looks kinda small even for one... I'd prefer to stretch my legs out...

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