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The World's Elite Vodka: V. Georgio

V. Georgio Vodka

V. Georgio Spirits Co. CEO and Chairman Victor G. Harvey, has just released the ultra premium vodkas. It offers two of the world's only unique in its Special Edition V.I.P. which consists of natural guarana, and natural cranberies, Acai Vodka and Singnature Edition. It is the fruit of V. Georgio Spirits Co. labor after spending over five years in traveling to acquire the tastes of vodkas all over the world to perfect the V. Georgia Vodka. V. Georgio Spirits Co. uses unique approach to remove the harsh impurities and extract the extraordinary flavors of the all natural ingredients that has revolutioninzed the ultra premium market for luxury vodka.

Victor Harvey and the V.Giorgio Vodka girls Victor Harvey and the V.Giorgio Vodka girls

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David said... @ January 16, 2009 at 12:30 PM

I'd love to taste that elite Vodka, but is it available here in HK?

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