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Dubai Sphere Hotel Your Perfect Hideaway

Dubai Sphere HotelSphere Hotel is the perfect hideaways if you want to escape from paparazzi lens. The Sphere Hotel is located in the mountainous plateau in Dubai, UAE, in 300 m from the shore at an artificial island, with which it is connected with a bridge, the guests are brought to the Sphere Hotel in helicopters, since the hotel is located at a mountainous plateau.

Designed by Milla Rezanova, visitors will be transported in a helicopter because the hotel is located on a cliff. As a prototype, there will be 200 rooms in 14 floors that can accommodate about 1,000 guests, entertainment areas, public business zone, upscale restaurants, bars and luxury boutiques. This unique hotel design should relax and promote a healthy and comfortable rest.

Dubai Sphere Hotel
Dubai Sphere Hotel

Dubai Sphere Hotel


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