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Safe-T Bed With Safety Box by Hollandia

Safe-T Bed  With Safety Box by HollandiaIsraeli based opulent bed maker,Hollandia International recently announced the launch of their new bed, the Safe-T Bed. The Safe-T is originally constructed for an international customer who wanted to keep a handgun safely stored next to him while he slept, Hollandia’s SAFE-T Bed was designed with a small safe built into the base of the bed frame. Located underneath the mattress, at the joint where the base of the bed meets the headboard, the small safe is camouflaged by cloth and is accessed with a small key. The bed also comes equipped with a motorized, hidden television integrated into the foot board. The bed is worth $20,400 but if you currently own a Hollandia Executive Bed, for $399, this becomes an add on feature. According to Hollandia’s Vice President of Operations, Maya Ben,

“We made sure to position the safe within the bed base, under the mattress, so as to not change the feel of the bed when sleeping. Whether you want to store your jewels, cash or other valuables, the safe is a unique feature that should give our customers a different sense of security with this new sleep system.”
Safe-T Bed  With Safety Box by Hollandia
Via: mattressonlinemagazine /hollandia press release


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