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A Revolutionary New City London Bus

New City London Bus‘On-Route’ is a radical new urban transportation system concept which would see a Freight*BUS optimize the carrying of passengers and freight, thereby tackling the problems of both congestion and pollution.

The Freight*BUS has been designed with a zero-emission propulsion system able to accommodate either a battery fuel-cell system or small bio gas generator to maintain fully charged batteries. It also features other state-of-the art technologies such as distributed wheel motors and completely new inventions, like ceiling-suspended seating and a patent-protected pallet-less lifting and handling device. The ability to turn in its own length & ‘crab steer’ is great for tight fit bus stops & bus station maneuvers.

This avant-garde concept requires a whole new way of thinking about urban transportation systems; stakeholders are invited to help take this model to the next level.

New City London BusNew City London BusNew City London BusNew City London BusNew City London BusVia: onroutebus.co.uk


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