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Philips Launches 42in Essence TV

Philips Launches 42in  Essence TV

Just recently Philips has finally launched its extremely light Essence TV which was shown at the IFA earlier this year. It weighs only 16kg which would make it really handy. Philips Essence TV can easily be hang up any wall without the danger of making the wall collapse.

Most of its innards are kept in a separate box, leaving but a single cable that carries power, picture and audio to and fro the display.
Each purchase will come with a leveling bracket to make it a snap when you want to hang up the Philips Essence TV for all and sundry to view. Apart from being beautifully designed, the Essence is a 42in 1080p telly with 100Hz picture processing and a 2-millisecond response time. The 42-inch Philips Essence TV set will cost £1,999.


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