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New Avantgarde Skeleton Collection Luxury Smartphone

Noted Russian luxury electronics maker of GRESSO is proudly announces its new Avantgarde Skeleton Collection luxury smartphone. The Avantgarde Skeleton phone’s case is made from special titanium alloy which was originally used in space industry. Titanium is known as a metal, which combines hardness and immutability with extreme lightness. It is hypo-allergenic and resistant to temperature and corrosion.

The back panel of the phone is hand-polished with sapphire crystal of 42k. The most unique feature of the phone is the scratch proof high-tech ceramic coverage. This is the material of which the high temperature protection on spaceships is made. Ceramics' solidity is second to that of diamond only.

The Avantgarde Skeleton phone is integrated with 23 functional keys and the triangular panel is executed with aircraft steel. There is a Gresso logo with 10 micron gold on its back surface. Another interesting feature of the phone is the addition of Roman numerals on the keyboard.

Gresso’s Avantgarde Skeleton runs Windows Mobile 6 Standard and has 2GB of memory, integrated MP3 player, a 2 Megapixel camera, GPRS, Bluetooth and voice recorder. The WM6-based Gresso Avantgarde Skeleton Collection is priced at 3,999 euros ($5,645) made in a limited edition of just 15 units.

Via: GressoPressReleases


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